We regularly get the question for a nice gift for someone who has a Zundapp, Kreidler, Yamaha, Puch, Honda, Tomos or Vespa moped. Below we have made a list with what we think are nice gifts. You can filter on the moped brand.

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  • Keychain Kreidler Red

    Keychain Kreidler Red

    38,62 kr
  • Keychain Piaggio

    Keychain Piaggio

    Regular Price: 38,62 kr

    Special Price: 30,90 kr

  • Sleutelhanger Puch

    Keychain Puch

    38,62 kr
  • Keychain Puch World Champion Cord

    Keychain Puch World Champion Cord

    46,12 kr
  • Keychain Red Zundapp Schnell

    Keychain Red Zundapp Schnell

    53,84 kr
  • Keychain Tomos

    Keychain Tomos

    38,62 kr
  • Keychain Yamaha Cord

    Keychain Yamaha Cord

    46,12 kr
  • Keychain Zundapp Blue Cord

    Keychain Zundapp Blue Cord

    46,12 kr
  • Umbrella Big Puch

    Umbrella Big Puch

    146,83 kr
  • Umbrella Big Red/White Zundapp

    Umbrella Big Red/White Zundapp

    139,03 kr
  • Umbrella Big Zundapp

    Umbrella Big Zundapp

    139,03 kr
  • Vespa Button 37MM

    Vespa Button 37MM

    15,07 kr

141 Item(s)

per page