Electric engine parts Gilera Citta

It is important to keep the electrical system of your Gilera Citta in top condition. Wear and tear on cables and connectors can cause malfunctions in the ignition or the moped does not work at all anymore. This can be that sparkplug cables become porous, wiring can break and connectors can rust. At JMPB Parts you can order everything for the electrical system of your Citta online.

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  • Sparkplug NGK RACE BR10HIX

    Sparkplug NGK RACE BR10HIX

    115,78 kr
  • Sparkplug NGK RACE BR8HIX

    Sparkplug NGK RACE BR8HIX

    123,58 kr
  • Sparkplug NGK RACE BR9HIX

    Sparkplug NGK RACE BR9HIX

    116,16 kr
  • Tool Kit - Universal Moped

    Tool Kit - Universal Moped

    Regular Price: 69,36 kr

    Special Price: 53,84 kr

88 Item(s)

per page