Order parts via drawing for your Kreidler

Order parts via drawing for your Kreidler

Technical drawings and exploded views for Kreidler mopeds

The historic German moped brand Kreidler still has a loyal following in the Netherlands. True Kreidler fans can be heard and seen from afar, we all know the characteristic Kreidler sound! A lot of work is done on classic Kreidler mopeds, often with parts from JMPB. To help you even better with maintenance and repair of Kreidler mopeds, we offer a wide collection of technical drawings on our website.

Technical drawings of Kreidler engine

The parts in the drawing include the engines and the riding part. Engines include the 5 gear models with a direct kickstart and an indirect kickstart. You will find exploded views of the engine, crankcase, clutch and gearbox, among other things. All drawings are super clear and show exactly how a part is put together and how it should be mounted. In total there are about 15 technical drawings, you can order your Kreidler parts online for very attractive prices!

Technical drawings of Kreidler frame parts

JMPB is also the right place for technical drawings of the rolling part of the Kreidler RS. The drawings show the different parts and all the components they consist of. Think of an exploded view of the frame, swingarm, front fork and rear wheel. In total there are almost 20 technical drawings with Kreidler parts. A must for every Kreidler fan!