Yamaha Crankshafts and Connecting rods

The air-cooled two-stroke engine of classic Yamaha moped is a solid construction. The crankshaft of a Yamaha RD, DT or FS1 is a quality product and is rarely broken. Yet it may happen that

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  • Bearing 6204 C3 SKF

    Bearing 6204 C3 SKF

    46,42 kr
  • Bearing 6204 C4 SKF

    Bearing 6204 C4 SKF

    61,87 kr
  • Bearing 6303 C3 SKF

    Bearing 6303 C3 SKF

    46,12 kr
  • Bearing 6303 C4 SKF

    Bearing 6303 C4 SKF

    65,84 kr
  • Crankshaft Yamaha DT/RD DMP

    Crankshaft Yamaha DT/RD DMP

    534,52 kr
  • Crankshaft Yamaha DT/RD Top Racing

    Crankshaft Yamaha DT/RD Top Racing

    611,99 kr
  • Crankshaft Yamaha FS1 Standard

    Crankshaft Yamaha FS1 Standard

    619,33 kr
  • Krukas Yamaha FS1

    Crankshaft Yamaha FS1 Top Racing

    658,48 kr

36 Item(s)

per page