Various engine parts Gilera Citta

Driving with an Italian beauty like the Gilera Citta is super fun, but it does mean that engine parts wear and that regular maintenance is required. Especially when you as an owner are careful with your beautiful property, it will regularly be necessary to order parts. Fortunately, you can order all engine parts for your Citta online at JMPB Parts.

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  • Stud set Ciao/Citta/SI

    Stud set Ciao/Citta/SI

    30,90 kr
  • Stud set Citta/Zundapp 3D Nuts

    Stud set Citta/Zundapp 3D Nuts

    50,32 kr
  • Tap / Repair kit M6

    Tap / Repair kit M6

    Regular Price: 84,81 kr

    Special Price: 76,34 kr

  • Tap / Repair kit M8

    Tap / Repair kit M8

    Regular Price: 123,58 kr

    Special Price: 111,21 kr

42 Item(s)

per page