Exploded view drawings| Yamaha FS1 2RU

Exploded view drawings| Yamaha FS1 2RU

Exploded views, technical drawings Yamaha FS1
The Yamaha FS1 with the well-known 49cc single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke engine is a true classic. You can still recognize the moped by the white stripes on the fuel tank and the pedals that were mandatory in the Netherlands. In the JMPB webshop you will find all parts for the maintenance of your Yamaha FS1. You can also order through our technical drawings online here. In total we have over 30 exploded views available!

Technical drawings for all parts of the Yamaha FS1
The parts on the drawing provide a complete picture of the technique that Yamaha has applied for the FS1. For example, you will find exploded views for the cylinder, the crankshaft and the oil pump. In addition, technical drawings are available for the carburettor, clutch, gearbox, ignition and front and rear wheel. In short, you can order all the technical information you need online for all parts of the Yamaha FS1 here.

Order all parts quickly and reliably online
What makes JMPB's drawings so special? It doesn't matter whether you tinker with the electrical parts, the speedometer, the oil tank or the ignition: the complete range of technical drawings makes tinkering on the Yamaha FS1 a lot easier.

In addition, you can easily order all parts online. The parts are numbered so you know exactly which part to order. JMPB delivers quickly, reliably and for a good price!

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