Crankshafts for your Honda MT, MB, NSR & MTX

Honda moped engines are known for their solid construction, and with normal use and good maintenance they last a very long time. Still, a part can always break, and the crankshafts of these engines are no exception. Although they do not break often, it can happen. In those cases, you can order a new crankshaft by us.

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  • Crankshaft bearing + Seals set Honda MT/MB 50

    Crankshaft bearing + Seals set Honda MT/MB 50

    201,05 kr
  • Crankshaft Honda Camino

    Crankshaft Honda Camino

    426,09 kr
  • Crankshaft Honda MB/MT DMP

    Crankshaft Honda MB/MT DMP

    460,96 kr
  • Crankshaft Honda MB/MT Rito

    Crankshaft Honda MB/MT Rito

    1.619,09 kr

21 Item(s)

per page