Puch – Frame parts for Puch Maxi, Monza M50, MV

Keeping the Puch moped in top condition, is where many moped enthusiasts are about. But although the Puch brand is still alive and kicking, it can sometimes be difficult to get the right parts.

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  • Handlebar Pad Puch - Nylon

    Handlebar Pad Puch - Nylon

    96,81 kr
  • Handlebar Pad Puch Finishflag

    Handlebar Pad Puch Finishflag

    104,61 kr
  • Handlebar Pad Puch White / Green

    Handlebar Pad Puch White / Green

    104,61 kr
  • Handlebar Puch Maxi Chromed

    Handlebar Puch Maxi Chromed

    139,33 kr
  • Pedal set Union Brown

    Pedal set Union Brown

    73,56 kr
  • Pedal set Union White

    Pedal set Union White

    65,84 kr
  • Pedaal / Trapperset Vespa / Maxi

    Pedal set Vespa / Maxi

    38,62 kr
  • Phone holder - Phone 4

    Phone holder - Phone 4

    Regular Price: 391,14 kr

    Special Price: 309,48 kr

229 Item(s)

per page