Kreidler RS

Kreidler RS

Technical drawings, exploded views for Kreidler RS
The Kreidler RS ​​is a real classic with a lot of fans in the Netherlands. They rely on JMPB parts for the maintenance of their valuable possessions. And they have also known where to find us for technical information for years. The technical drawings that you will find here contain all the information to work on the frame part of Kreidler mopeds. Think of the frame and the front fork, the swingarm, front and rear wheel and many more parts.

Exploded views for rear fork, fork, wheels, lighting and more
How does the cockpit or speedometer of my Kreidler work? How does the lighting work? How do I mount the rear wheel and which parts do I have to order for my front fork? Anyone who tinkers with his Kreidler himself encounters these questions. Fortunately, the exploded views of JMPB offer a solution. All drawings give a very detailed picture of the various parts such as the frame, the buddyseat, the swingaxle, the front fork, the wheels and the lighting.

Order parts easily online
JMPB's technical drawings provide answers to many questions and are great for any Kreidler owner, hobbyist or professional. Moped rental companies also know where to find us and appreciate the technical knowledge of JMPB as a supplier of moped parts. You can easily order the technical drawings online, as well as the associated parts. With the order module we take the search work out of your hands. You just have to enter the number of parts and press order!

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