All Chains and Sprockets for your Kreidler

The drivers of your Kreidler, the chain and sprockets, together with the engine are the heart of the moped. Without a well lubricated chain and nicely pointed sprockets the moped is not optimal and it loses power. And that's a shame because you do want to get the most out of your moped.

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  • Chain guide POM Kreidler

    Chain guide POM Kreidler

    139,03 kr
  • Chain IGM Gold 415-122

    Chain IGM Gold 415-122

    77,09 kr
  • Chain IGM Gold 415-136

    Chain IGM Gold 415-136

    84,81 kr
  • Chain IGM Gold 420-144

    Chain IGM Gold 420-144

    104,61 kr

94 Item(s)

per page