Vespa Ciao, Citta Stickers & Merchandise

For every owner of a Oldtimer Vespa Ciao JMPB Parts has a wide range of nice accessories available such as stickers, emblems, striping and decorative strips. With this you can complete the look of your Vespa completely! You can also order keychains, caps and clothing online, especially made for classic moped enthusiasts.

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  • Emblem THICK Ciao Side panel A piece

    Emblem THICK Ciao Side panel A piece

    34,87 kr
  • Gilera Klok Wit

    Gilera Klok Wit

    135,58 kr
  • Gilera Klok Zwart

    Gilera Klok Zwart

    135,58 kr
  • IPhone 4 / 4-S Cover Malossi Lion

    IPhone 4 / 4-S Cover Malossi Lion

    53,84 kr
  • Keychain Blue Piaggio

    Keychain Blue Piaggio

    38,62 kr
  • Keychain


    0,00 kr
  • Keychain Monster Soft rubber

    Keychain Monster Soft rubber

    46,42 kr
  • Keychain Piaggio

    Keychain Piaggio

    Regular Price: 38,62 kr

    Special Price: 30,90 kr

  • Sticker Ciao White 100X35MM

    Sticker Ciao White 100X35MM

    13,57 kr
  • Sticker Dellorto 60X30MM

    Sticker Dellorto 60X30MM

    11,62 kr
  • Sticker Dellorto Vintage 85X70MM

    Sticker Dellorto Vintage 85X70MM

    15,07 kr
  • Sticker Homoet 75X38

    Sticker Homoet 75X38

    12,00 kr

173 Item(s)

per page