Yamaha carburettors and parts

An optimal fuel supply is one of the conditions for the smooth running of your Yamaha. Therefore many enthusiasts work on fixing improperly adjusted or dirty carburettors of the classic models like the Yamaha FS1. Everything to find just the right air-fuel mixture and to get the maximum power from the air-cooled 2-stroke!

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  • Manifold Yamaha FS1 18MM

    Manifold Yamaha FS1 18MM

    99,85 kr
  • Membrane plate Yamaha FS1/DT

    Membrane plate Yamaha FS1/DT

    68,58 kr
  • Membrane Yamaha DT50MX

    Membrane Yamaha DT50MX

    192,77 kr
  • Mounting plate Filter rubber FS1 Remake

    Mounting plate Filter rubber FS1 Remake

    19,25 kr

103 Item(s)

per page