Crankshaft and related parts for your Kreidler engine

With a moped crankshaft can't anything go wrong you would probably think. But alas, this engine part may bend or even break. Other problems that owners regularly call at classic mopeds play in the crankshaft, bearings worn and defective crankshaft seals or a tap on the block. Fortunately, it can all be solved with the right parts!

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  • Crankshaft Kreidler CM

    Crankshaft Kreidler CM

    534,52 kr

    Out of stock - delivery date unknown

  • Crankshaft Kreidler Race

    Crankshaft Kreidler Race

    689,45 kr
  • Crankshaft Kreidler Top Racing

    Crankshaft Kreidler Top Racing

    581,01 kr
  • Crankshaft RITO Kreidler

    Crankshaft RITO Kreidler

    1.154,31 kr

38 Item(s)

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