Tomos rims, axles and more

Looking for new wheels for your Tomos? Take a look around in our shop! Here you will find affordable new spoked wheels and star wheels in various designs plus countless other important moped parts.

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  • Speedometer driver Tomos Revival

    Speedometer driver Tomos Revival

    162,28 kr
  • Spoke-Coats Black - 72 Pcs

    Spoke-Coats Black - 72 Pcs

    Regular Price: 174,27 kr

    Special Price: 92,91 kr

  • Swingarm Axle + Bushing set Tomos A3/A35

    Swingarm Axle + Bushing set Tomos A3/A35

    73,56 kr
  • Swingarm bushing Small Tomos

    Swingarm bushing Small Tomos

    29,02 kr

29 Item(s)

per page